Digtets Ånd

Digtets Aand IX & X - Part II

Digtene i bloggen er skrevet af Pauline Jupin i forbindelse med udgivelsen af tidsskriftet ALLC#10 med temaet ÅND og er skabt ud fra elementer sendt med posten til Pauline Jupin af ALLC#10's læsere. Ved køb af ALLC#10 kan du selv få mulighed for at sende og modtage et digt.

Digtets Aand IX & X

Til Tine R. A. og Cédric E.

Envelop n°9 from Tine R. A. opened in march 2018

Contents: a photographic collage 


« Envelop » n°10 from Cédric E. “opened” in march 2018

Contents: 2 pieces of music “Soft” and “Warm”




It was an accident, a coincidence, I received the pictorial landscape of Tine and soon after the musical landscapes of Cédric. Tine called her work collage, I felt like experimenting on a poem which would have the quality of a collage, would shape and be part of a collage.

I decided to play with those landscapes all together as the first pieces of this collage.

Then there was a journey for some months, a quest about specific colours, lights, warmth and softness, that those landscapes depict. 

The original collage of Tine got stolen together with my computer and the beginning of my answer during the summer.

The new quest was then marked by the idea of loss and memory of something lost and recreation.

And at the end: Does what we dream/make up have something to envy to reality?

Ce que nous rêvons/inventons a-t-il vraiment quelque chose à envier au réel ?


The answer - Part 2 of 2 : Infinite loop poem

Find it here : https://simoncacheux.com/paulinej/dk.html

Play with it to create your own sound landscape.

(Note : it doesn’t work properly with Safari, use Chrome or Firefox instead)


Concept, poems, pictures* and videos: Pauline Jupin / Pauline Ji

*Except for the main picture starting the video: Tine Riis Andersen / @tineriisa

Music: extracts from Warm and Soft by Cédric Elisabeth

Video editing: Tine Pia Jensen / Lumuma films

A special thanks to Thi Binh Minh Cao for her help with the coding, to Simon Cacheux for hosting this piece to Ditlev for the proofreading.



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Sep 28, 2021

The musical landscapes of Cédric start with the combination of a sequence of specific audio and vibrations. Music notes are made from different vibrations that are made by any specific kind of instruments Vocals, string, woodwinds, brass, percussion, and even non-traditional instruments like horn and pots, etc. Find out more here: https://www.futurestarr.com/blog/music/what-are-musical-notes-everything-about-how-to-read-music

F Starr

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